Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jan Andrews and Jennifer Cayley: Midsumma Festival

While in Melbourne for the Midsumma Festival, Jan and Jennifer had a schedule of performances, workshops and publicity engagements that would make any storyteller's hair curl.

The Vic Guild, joined by Graham Ross (South Australia), Shirley Way and Bettina Nissen (Queensland) gathered in Williamstown to attend The Book of Spells. In this beautifully crafted night of story Jan and Jennifer celebrate
their journey together. Binding their personal tale to Sara Maitland's Book of Spells, a collection of contemporary fairytales for adults, the evening was thought provoking and moving .

For the first time Midsumma programmed some children's events. Jan and Jennifer told their stories in Williamstown under the elms to an attentive audience of small people. Perfect location, perfect weather and perfectly ....

The Vic Guild love to celebrate and welcome interstate and overseas guests. Jan and Jennifer are our first OS visitors this year. Following The Book of Spells, they were wined and dined and treated to a night under the urban stars around a camp fire. Pictured is JJ Sheills who arrived with one of his magnificent vegan chocolate cakes. Bettina Nissen standing beside JJ is admiring our banner! This banner goes back a long way and we thought we had lost it. It has magically reappeared bringing with it many memories.

As a gift to our guests from Canada and interstate JB Rowley shared the story of Chloe. In Melbourne's historic pub, Young and Jackson, in the public bar, hangs a painting of a beautiful young nude woman. For those of us who grew up in Melbourne when there was still 6 o'clock closing and the 'swill', Chloe is etched into our memories. Small children were hurried past the pub, respectable mothers muttering, 'Chloe is in there!' We all loved Chloe although we could not see her. However times have changed, the 'swill' is no longer and she hangs hangs proud and beautiful, still in the bar for all to see. Chloe is a story you will only find in Melbourne at Y and J's

Jan and Jennifer, we thank you for coming all this way and sharing the story gift with us

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  1. The Queenslanders (Shirley, Gail and Alex) enjoyed 'The Odyssey' as told by Jan and Jennifer on the Monday night. We appreciated the hospitality of the Vic Guild! Here's to more stories!